ESCIF Congress 2020


6 - 8 May 2020


Nottwil, Switzerland

Welcome to the ESCIF Congress 2019!

Empowerment – Knowledge is Power

27-29 May 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

The theme is knowledge: gaining, expanding and spreading it.

Information can improve the lives of people living with spinal cord injury, but it must be easy to find and understand.

We have several organisations working to make it so, but ESCIF sees many benefits of strengthening the bonds between them, as well as the bonds between consumers, clinicians and researchers.

The benefits include:

  • making it easier to transfer knowledge and how-to-do´s between individuals, groups, organisations and countries
  • improving our position in lobbying and political decision making
  • keeping information and websites up to date and trustworthy – both in content and technology

The congress is open to anyone who has an interest in spinal cord injury – be it a personal or professional one.

The fourteenth ESCIF Congress is organised by the Swedish Association for Survivors of Accident and Injury (RTP) and the Gothenburg Competence Centre for Spinal Cord Injury together with the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation.


Event | programme


Day 1

Monday 27 May 2019


Arrival of delegates at the airport, at the latest!



Arrival of delegates at Congress venue in Gothenburg

Welcome reception with drinks and snacks


Opening of the Congress

Welcome address

  • European Spinal Cord Injury Federation
  • City of Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland, Annika Tännström
  • Personskadeförbundet RTP/Gothenburg Competence Centre for SCI

Introduction to the theme of the Congress: EMPOWERMENT - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER


Keynote speaker

Knowledge translation - Lisa Harvey



End of travelling and working day


Get-together dinner at the hotel

Day 2

Tuesday 28 May 2019


Workshop: Lobbying

  • ReformAct
  • Gothenburg Independent Living, Anders Westgerd
  • DON, Theo te Winkel

Group discussions

Plenary discussion and conclusion

There will be 30 minutes coffee and exhibition + poster session




Lunch and exhibition + poster session



Wellspect keynote speaker - Claes Hultling


Peer-led Research - John Chernesky


Coffee break and exibition + poster session + official photo




Assembly of Delegates


End of working day




Delegates' Dinner at the hotel

Day 3

Wednesday 29 May 2019


Workshop: Different ways to spread the knowledge

  • E-learnSCI: Lisa Harvey
  • SCIRE: John Chernesky
  • Paraplegie Community: Johannes Kinast
  • SCI Parenting and ryggmargsskada.se: Erika Nilsson, Nora Sandholdt
  • Profile video for RYK: Birgitte Bjorkman, Mikkel Bundgaard

Panel discussion




Coffee break and exhibition + poster session



Free oral presentations

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Publications on Healthy Living wih SCI - Components in a Health Promotion Program: Anna-Carin Lagerström
  • Why go scientific when evaluating community peer-based programs?: Julia Andersson
  • Outcome evaluation of a community peer-based training program for people with SCI in Botswana: Katarzyna Trok, Anestis Divanoglou

Invitation to the ESCIF Congress 2020




End of the Congress



Optional sightseeing

Extension of your stay

* The following programme may be subject to some changes.




 We proudly welcome the following speakers to the ESCIF Congress 2019. 

Prof. Lisa Harvey

M.D.Ph.D. Professor Claes Hultling

Consumer Engagement Lead. John Chernesky

Please visit the speakers section for further information.





Congress | information

We hope you are interested in attending the congress. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General information

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History of ESCIF


In the autumn of 2005, the organizations representing people living with a spinal cord injury in the different countries in Europe were offered a very special opportunity - to meet in Nottwil, Switzerland, in order to discuss the foundation of a pan-European federation. 

The idea, in itself, was not new: some networks were already in place and had been for several years. But this was the first time that the initiative to actually gather as many organizations as possible had been taken.

It came as no surprise that the organizations from the 12 European countries who attended the initial meeting were unanimous in the decision to found a federation - a federation that could and should include all countries throughout Europe.

In spring 2006 the organisations met again in Nottwil - this time 16 countries were represented - to attend the founding assembly of the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation. At this meeting the Statutes of the federation were approved by the delegates, the members of the first Executive Board were elected and the work of ESCIF could begin in earnest.


Today we represent 33 national organisations from 28 European countries.


Previous | ESCIF congresses

On this page a brief information about past congresses can be found. You can find and download more documents about Previous Congresses. Please select a year of ESCIF Congress in the bottom.