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About the Speakers

Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson joined the world of spinal cord injury after a sailing accident in 2006, completing rehabilitation at Stoke Mandeville. Lucy has worked with Back-Up since 2007 designing and delivering peer led activities and continues to volunteer as a group leader for them. In 2010 she founded peer led training services at CRP in Bangladesh which CRP is currently expanding further into rural parts of Bangladesh. In 2015 Lucy returned to Stoke Mandeville, she runs the Peer-led Patient Education service which aspires for each patient to learn the skills needed to live successfully in the community. 

Christel van Lueewen, PhD

Works in Rehabilitation Centre De Hoogstraat in the Netherlands, as a psychologist and researcher in the spinal cord department. She studied neuro and rehabilitation psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In 2011, she completed her PhD thesis on quality of life in persons with spinal cord injury at the University of Utrecht. She travelled to Switzerland to obtain more experience in spinal cord injury in Nottwil. Her research focus is on the implementation of psychological factors in treatment programmes of spinal cord injury.  She has two children and a husband with Czech roots, therefore she is very excited to be at this conference in Prague. 

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