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About the speakers

Prim. Rajmond Šavrin, MD, MSc
Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has been involved in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients since 1982. In 1988, he completed his specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and became an assistant at the Department for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries. Since 1992, he has been Head of the Department for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord lesions at the University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia. In 2001, he obtained his Master’s Degree in medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana with the study of tissue changes after electrical stimulation of pressure sores in spinal cord injury patients. He is a full member of the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS).
Cveto Uršič, B.Sc.LL. and M.Sc. in sociology
Employed at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Slovenia. From 2005 to 2010 he was, at the same ministry, director general at the Directorate for Persons with Disabilities. From 1984 to 2005 he had been the director of programme at the University Rehabilitation Institute - Soča, Republic of Slovenia.
In his professional and research work he has mainly dealt with two fields: system viewpoint (national programmess, legislation, etc.) of persons with disabilities human rights, and – particularly –training of persons with disabilities and their employment issues.  In his researchers’ bibliography there are more than 250 documents. For more than 30 years, he has been involved in the work of a number (national and international) humanitarian and disability organisations, participating as a volunteer in the development and implementation of special social programmes. He was head of the working group which in 2006 drew up the governmental Action Programme for Persons with Disabilities 2007-2013. In 2010 he was one of the authors of an Equalisation of opportunities for persons with disabilities act and in 2016 he was the author of an Act on personal assistance for persons with disabilities. He was the head of Slovenian delegation at the negotiations for the UN Convention of the Rights for Persons with Disabilities. He was a head or ministerial organisation committee for disability policy dealing with Slovenian presidency of the EU. He is the representative of Slovenia at the High Level Group on Disability within EU and representative of Slovenia within the Council of Europe. From 2008 – 2010 he was a member of the inaugural UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Nataša Puzić, MD, specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine
Working in the only slovenian SCI rehabilitation department at the University rehabilitation institute Soča in Ljubljana since 2010. She started a Clinical nutrition program in URI Soča, is envolved in the team for the treatment of spasticity.  Specific topics of research include: screening for malnutrition and body composition assessment in neurologic patients, improvement of the protocol for selecting wheelchairs  and seat cushions,  implementation of a structured educational program for relatives and patients with SCI.
Daniel Globokar, MD

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In 2003, he completed his specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and became an assistant at the department for rehabilitation of patients after stroke at University Rehabilitation Institute Republic of Slovenia, since 2013 attained seniorfellowship standards of European Board of PRM. He is collaborating assistant of the Slovenian Paraplegic Association since 2011.
Sue Browning MA (Management Practice), FCMI
Sue Browning specialises in leading complex health and disability organisations. In August 2015 she was appointed as CEO of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), the leading national user-led charity for the 40,000 people in the UK living with spinal cord injuries. SIA provides key services, information, education and training for spinal cord injured people, as well as healthcare professionals, case managers and solicitors. A registered charity, SIA celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.
At SIA, Sue has led the charity through a strategic review and subsequent positioning, with the development of a new five year strategy based on the needs of spinal cord injured people and their families.  
Before taking up her new role at SIA, Sue spent 12 years at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), most recently as Deputy Chief Executive. While at the CSP – the professional, educational and trade union body for over 53,000 people working in the field across the UK – Sue led on policy, corporate strategy and performance, and operational services. Her other previous roles include CEO of Ivel Valley Primary Care Group (where she led on organisational development in the formation of the new Bedfordshire Primary Care Trust), and leading on the prevention of sight loss  at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).
Sue holds a Masters in Management Practice and has undertaken extensive leadership training, including the Senior Leaders course at Ashridge and the Public Services Leadership Scheme organised by the Cabinet Office. She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.
Tiina Siivonen
I'm a member of the board of The Finnish Association of Spinal Cord Injured Akson. I have witnessed life on wheels for the last 25 years. Still quite young . . . I'm working as a coordinator in disability sports field and I do voluntary work with Akson. Family, friends, books and opera are important to me - C’est la vie!
Bojana  Gladovic
Bojana has been a person with disabilities since 2005. Before she had a car accident she worked as a nurse in the hospital and she was a professional basketball player. Now she is a member of the Union Board for persons with paraplegia and quadriplegia in Serbia. Bojana works as a secretary of the paraplegic association in her hometown Ruma. The last two years she has been working as a lecturer at the project “I’m still driving”. Through the work of the organization she is actively fighting for accessibility, education and employment of the persons with disabilities, as well as helping the society to overcome prejudice towards the persons with disabilities.

Barbara Slaček

Since I became a paraplegic  in 1999, I´m actively involved in the work of the Association of Paraplegics and since then I help shape and implementing specific social programs. From 2008 to 2015 I was employed at the Association of Paraplegics of Slovenia in Ljubljana in the field of special social programs and I have done professional qualifications of the Social Chamber Slovenia. One year, I led a health resort in Pacug. I gained a lot of experience in working with socially excluded people. For Association of Paraplegics I continue to lead the certification system of quality standards for the organization (SIQ) and I´m editor of our newsletter.
I like to learn and acquire new experiences. I'm married and my son Žiga is courently my greatest interest. Otherwise, in the spare time I like to cook, read professional literature, travel and do recreational dive.

Jani Trdina
I am married and have two children (a 21-year old daughter and a 14-year old son). In 1988 I had a road traffic accident and broke my spinal column. In my younger years I was a member of the National Slovene Wheelchair-Basketball Team competing internationally. Otherwise; I enjoy travelling, reading, and also hold a small-boat skipper’s license. Following usual schooling, but after rehabilitation, I completed a higher education in electronics, and was studying at Faculty of Tourism Studies. I was working as a managing director of Home of paraplegic’s and before that as a managing director in Event yachting (a boat producer). Today I work on different projects for Paraplegics Association of Slovenia and others.


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