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Entrepreneur. President of CSR, Studies and Researches Centre of Confindustria, which deals with various issues relating to institutional systems for technical aids supply to facilitate the public home care, to increase autonomy and improve the social participation of persons with disabilities. Member of the Commission Handicap and the Health Commission of Confindustria. Participation at the last Ministerial Commission for assistance in the field of prostheses, orthoses and aids mainly concerned with the reclassification of the 'Tariff Nomenclature " classification according to UNI EN ISO and implementation of the "Cards aids requirements." Coordinator of the Technical Board for the Care of the Prosthetic Department of Health. Chairman of IGIS, a consortium of aids manufacturers that are operating in China, cooperating with Chinese institutions for the realization of aids centers and training courses for professional operators to aids committed.
He is an independent expert specialising in human rights, equalities and disability rights. He works with a range of clients in the UK and internationally to 'make rights make sense'. Previously held the posts of Director of Human Rights and Director of Disability Rights at the British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Before joining the EHRC he was Head of Policy at the Disability Rights Commission.

He is Head of Unit in the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, coming form the Italian National Institute for Public Administration. A Ph.D. candidate in public management, he holds a University Degree in Political Science and he also got Master Diplomas in International Relations and EU studies. He is presently in charge of the Division “Policies for persons with disabilities” and deals with national policies and projects in favour of persons with disabilities, co-ordinating the technical secretariat of the National Observatory on the condition of persons with disabilities. In addition to that, he is the national delegate at the High Level Group on Disability of the European Commission and he is been a member of the Italian delegation at the UN Conferences of the State Parties on disability in NYC. He is also a member of the Committee of Expert on the Right of People with Disabilities and the Drafting Group on the Rights of the Elderly at the Council of Europe.

Responsible of Diversities section in the National Library of Naples. Active to defend human of disabled people since 1972 at local, national and international level. Past Chair of DPI/Europe and member of DPI World Council; Member of the Board of European Disability Forum from Italian Forum on Disability; Member of the National Board of FISH (Italian Federation of overcoming Handicap). Advisor in the Italian delegation during the discussion of UN Convention of rights of persons with disabilities, member of scientific committee of University course of Human rights and Disability in the Padua University, trainer in various Italian universities, researcher, advisor and expert in European and international projects, editing books and articles on human rights and disability.

Secretary to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. She received the M.Phil in Economics from Cambridge University (UK). She holds a PhD in Political Economics at the University of Bologna, is Professor of Finance and Director of the Department of Political Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. She collaborates with public institutions and research centers. In particular, in the period 1989-1999 she participated in working groups and committees established at the Ministry of Finance and, in 2006, has chaired the Commission on the taxation of capital income and other financial set up by the Ministry of Economy. She is a founding member of CAPP - Center for Public Politics Analysis at the Department of Political Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. From December 2006 to July 2008 she joined the Management Committee of the Agenzia delle entrate.

German, though living in Spain for 37 years. Spinal Cord Injury since 31st May, 2003. Member of Board of Directors, ASPAYM-Madrid since 2006. During 30 years working for the international NGO "SOS Children's Villages".

Maria Giulia Marini is specialist in Epidemiology and Pharmacology. She has worked for multinational companies with marketing and search assignments, therefore she has worked for years in a primary international consulting society, in lifescience/healthcare area. From 1998 Maria Giulia Marini is teaching to contract Health Care Economy and Pharmacoeconomics in Università di Pavia and coordinates the group of “Economia Sanitaria e Farmacoeconomia” for the Society of Scienze Farmacologiche Applicate. From April 2002 she is responsible for ISTUD's Health Care Area.

She is a well-known disability leader and human rights advocate in Bulgaria. She was one of the founders of Independent Living movement in Bulgaria back in 1995 when The Center for Independent Living (CIL) – Sofia was registered as an NGO. This happened after her internship in the United Stated at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Over the last ten years Kapka has been a disability consultant, trainer and researcher in Bulgaria. She contributed to the International Disability Rights Monitor (2006) and the work of ANED on Disability Policies in Europe. Kapka is a Board member of The Independent Living Institute and currently an Acting Chair of the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) Board.

He is an economist by training, was a hospital director/CEO for many years and is now working as a health care consultant. He has a SCI since 1970 and a member of the board of trustees of the Dutch SCI Association. He is also president of Per Saldo, the association for/from more than 25.000 member with à 'personel budget' in the Netherlands.

Founder and Director, Institute on Independent Living, Sweden. Visiting Professor, Disability Studies, University of Costa Rica. From 1986 to 1994 Associate Coordinator, CIB W 84 Building Non-Handicapping Environments. Until 2003 he has been Member of Advisory Council, Disability Rights Advocates, Berkeley, California.
Lectured on disability and self-determiniation issues in over 30 countries.Participated in United Nations Expert Seminars on disability as invited expert/resource person on Independent Living in Vienna, Stockholm, Estonia, Finland, Beijing, and Costa Rica.

He is a board certified orthopedic and trauma surgeon and a physiatrist. He does specialize in SCI care, pediatric orthopedic care for handicapped children and spine surgery.
Current position: head of department department of orthopedic surgery and SCI unit, Klinikum Bayreuth, Germany
Affiliations: ISCOS Vice president for Europe; Vicepresident DMGP; President DSQ (Deutsche Stiftung Querschnittlähmung).

Mother of twins with autism and need for intense support, since 1989 she works full time to advocate for the rights of persons with autism and other disabilities with intense support needs within regional, national and European NGOs.
She has been president of Autism-Europe since 2000 to 2008, since 2005 she is Vice-president of the European Disability Forum. Her main fields of interest are equal opportunities for persons wiith disabilities in need of more intense support in the field of inclusive education, habilitation, health-care, employment, as well as the de-institutionalization processes.
At national level (Italy) she is the president of the national association Autismo Italia – onlus since 1998, vice-president of the Italian Federation for Overcoming Disability (FISH) at national and regional level (FISH Toscana), and member of the National Observatory on Disability at the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

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